Step 1:

Click on the setup installation icon.

Power Path Setup Wizard will start.

Step 2:

Check on Next.

Step 3:

Check the box for License Agreement and click on Next.

Step 4:

Choose destination folder to install Power Path and click on Next.

Step 5:

Click on Install.

Step 6:

Select additional tasks optionally and then click on Next.

Step 7:

Check file extensions and icons that you want to be associated with Power Path and click on Next.

Step 8:

Wait until Setup Wizard installs Power Path.

Step 9:

Click on Finish.

If box Launch Power_Path is checked you can go on next step. If you didn't check box Launch Power_Path you need manually to run Power Path as administrator and then go on next step.

Single license (SL) activation

Step 1:

In Bricsys License Manager dialog window Active Power-Path, click on Activate Now... if computer is connected to the internet go on Step 2. If computer is not connected to the internet go on Step 1.1. 

Step 1.1:

If computer is not connected, In Bricsys Licence Manager click on Activate manually…, please copy Computer Hostid: and send it to

*Our support team will answer you and provide .lic file for activation. You need to load received .lic file and than click on OK. Skip Step 1 and go on Step 2.

Manual activation is available for Commercial (SL) single license.


Step 2:

Enter your license key and click on OK.

Step 3:

Wait for license validation and click on OK.

*According which license and package of Power Path you activating, you will get message that you
activated one or more license keys

Step 4:

In this step choose CAD profile (workspace). Our recommendation is 2D Drafting.

This dialog will be opened just on first Power Path launching, later user can change profile (workspace) in software.

Now your Power Path software is ready to use:

We sincerely hope, you will enjoy using Power Path software solution!